About Me

Hello, I am Deneane pronounced Dee-Neen, a trained life coach weaving the threads of diverse experiences to guide you toward a more empowered journey.  Born and Raised in New York City,I bring  the grit required to survive city life, the accountability that the Air Force taught me and the compassion of a Special Eduction Teacher to the Life Coaching arena.

Having served in the Air Force for almost 8 years, I developed a sense of discipline, adaptability and values that transcend into my coaching style. Don’t worry, I will not go boot camp on you because I’m still very down to earth, very laid back and I enjoy a great laugh.  But when its time to get to work, we work.  My experience as a Special Education Teacher has taught me how important it is that each of us have a safe space for personal growth and development.  

I became fascinated by numerology when I would listen to Lloyd Stayhorn on the radio and how he could provide insight  just by knowing a listeners  date of birth.  I would listen and I would  think that I would love to do that, to touch someones life like that.  So I read books, attending training with trusted Numerologists and here I am, ready to serve you.

My Difference


I know what is it like to put your dreams on hold while you turn your focus to something or someone other than you. 

I know how it feels to  wake up in the morning, look at your self in the  mirror and not like what you see because you know that you have not given yourself your all. 

I know what it is like  to procrastinate and put things on the burner until you can get to them,, just to have time pass you by and you are still in the same place.  

I know what it is like to have many titles, responsibilities, committments  and only 24 hours in a day and never enough time to get any thing done.

And finally, I. know how to overcome all of this.  If I did, you can also. 

If any of this resonates with you, then reach to to me for a numerology report or a FREE Life Coaching consultation … click here