Faith Without Works, is Dead

And we know this to be true, not because the bible tells us so, but because we have been a witness to it at least once in our lives.  All of us have seen the same people speak about what they are going to do.  They each have this grand dream.  They each want to accomplish something, Manifest something and although they mean well to tell us what they wish for, yet all they have is talk.  All talk, no action.  So there they remain, day after day, month after month and for some year after year, telling the same story about their dream.

Their story does not need to be your story and I am here ready to help you to make sure that unlike them, YOU have a story of success.  

Benefits of Working With Me

  •  You get your own personal life coach guru.  Think of me as your old wise sage who not only helps you set meaningful objectives  and goals but will keep you accountable with a dose of humor, turning your aspirations, hope and dreams into reality.

  • Realty check, Served with a smile.  They say that the truth can hurt and heal you all at once.  As your life coach it is my duty to keep it real with you.  When you are not present in your life and putting forth all effort required for success and  not working to your full potential, I am going  to tell you, with a big fat smile of course.  Remember, its all love

  • Confidence Booster…I am your number one   cheerleader from day 1 until the end.  When you hit pitfalls like self doubt, I will give you a dose of empowerment, encouragement and hopefully a little bit of humor, to help lighten our load.

Are You Ready?

  • If you answered YES!!! thereby all means hit that button for the contact form, fill it out and I will respond to you within 72 hours.

  • I will contact you so that we can have a conversation to determine if you and I are a great fit to work with each other.  If its YES, Great!

  • We will then schedule an intake consultation to onboard you and after it is  completed the your 6 sessions will begin.

  • You get 6 sessions with me.  Then cane virtual such as zoom , google meets or FaceTime.  I prefer if your first 3 sessions are completed within the first 30 days of us singing our contract.