In life we are going to be faced with challenges.  With most of us being busy  juggling a career and  a personal life, life can get a tad bit demanding and you may feel as if you are being stretched from one side to the other without an end in sight.

 However, if we master just one effective strategy,  you can find a place of balance and most importantly inner peace.

My go to strategy when I have multiple challenges or I am feeling over whelmed because of demands from my personal or professional life,  is to to divide and conquer all tasks and or demands individually.  When you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed, that is not the time to multi task because the effort to multi task is part of the reason why we are now feeling some confusion.  In the end, you are not being productive because you are burning candles at each end trying to get it all done.  So just stop!  To increase your productivity we are going to take our tasks and life demands and put them into categories.  The title of these categories are going to be Urgent and Important. This strategy is just that simple.   The beauty of it all, is that youcan do it while on the go by using our phone or tablet, or you can do it when you have access to a pen and paper.  

By having these two categories, now you can list items that need to be done , but you are going to do so in order of importance.  Urgent means that something horrible is going to happen if I do not  get this done immediately.  Immediate means, that it has to get done, but not right now because it does not have immediate consequences if we put if off for a while.  Now this does not mean to procrastinate, we are not doing that, but we are determining that it can wait while we put out other fires.

 Now that we have our 2 categories we are now going to assign each task and/or demand a number of importance.  Your numbers will depend upon how many items that are grabbing your attention.  For example, let us imagine that we have 10 items between both our personal life and professional life demands.  We will start numbering 1 – 10 based on Urgency.  Urgent items will be numbers 1-5 and items of importance will be 6-10.   .  

Now that we have created our new list, we can begin to determine what needs to be done so that I can conquer item number 1, then move on to 2 and so.  By taking our time to conquer each item one by one, we have removed some stress from our lives and we can be on the road to restoring and maintaining balance in our lives.